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Tänzer ohne Grenzen e.V.
For the right to live and thrive, rather than just survive.

Who we are

Tänzer ohne Grenzen e.V. is a locally, regionally, nationally and internationally active association of individuals, projects and institutions that are primarily involved in the field of dance, but also in the performing arts beyond that.

The aim of the association is to use, promote and strengthen the socio-political potential of the performing arts: be it in the fields of education, politics and culture or for transcultural dialogue and social mobility.


Dance on the Plateau

A roaring, humorous, poetic, connecting, joyful, furious celebration, staged with people from the Randeau Plateau in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.We will gather traditions history(s) and dreams and create visions for the future – we will celebrate ourselves and  our community. Artistic direction, choreography: Be van Vark Dance, choreography: Anja Schäplitz Costume, stage design: Bärbel Jahn ⠀ Project period: […]

Process Fund

Dancers without Borders is excited to be part of the selected projects of this years process fund from Fonds SozioKultur! The focus of „Profil: Soziokultur“ funding is on independent non-profit organisations and institutions of participatory cultural work, to primarily sharpen and anchor their profile. Development processes at the organisational, program, personnel, communication or funding levels, […]

Even in weight

Balance plays an important role in many aspects of our lives: physical, inner, social balance. Also in construction and composition. Together we investigate: What is balance, what is symmetry, equilibrium or disharmony? How does it feel when I get out of balance? Stumble? Can I draw the feeling, dance it, make it heard. What means […]

“Every human being is a dancer.” R. von Laban