Balance plays an important role in many aspects of our lives: physical, inner, social balance. Also in construction and composition.

Together we investigate: What is balance, what is symmetry, equilibrium or disharmony? How does it feel when I get out of balance? Stumble? Can I draw the feeling, dance it, make it heard. What means can be used to restore balance and harmony? What influence does being in balance have on my being, on my well-being?

We balance, research, talk, write, listen and dance. We consciously get into imbalance and catch ourselves again. We build objects in or out of balance with wood, paper and cardboard.

Show and feel the fragility of balance with body and object.

Movement, costume and object are closely connected and influence each other.

Artistic direction, choreography:

Be van Vark

Object, Costume:

Bärbel Jahn⠀

Production Management:

Franziska Massa, Anne Sommer

Project period:

Juli 2022


Halle/ Saale

In Cooperation with:

Bürgerstiftung Halle⠀

Funded by: