“Lichtblicke” is a participatory inclusive dance-theater and film project with people with and without dementia and a group of artists from the dance theater and film scene in Berlin.

The participatory project wants to enable inclusion and cultural and social participation. It would like to raise awareness around structural issues around ageing and dementia, cultural background and sexual orientation, as well as contribute to the formation of a society critical of discrimination.

Resources and memories believed lost can be reactivated through dance, theater and music. Through the medium of film and digital distribution, the project and the topic gain greater visibility and thus reach a larger audience, even beyond the borders of Berlin.

If you would like to join, or know people who would like to join, then please contact barb.gamper[at]pm.me

Artistic direction, choreography:

Dietmar von der Forst & Barbara Gamper

Dance, choreography, Music:

Anja Schäplitz, Be van Vark, Mizgina Rengin

Video documentation/editing photography:

Elkin Caldéron Guevara

In cooperation with:

Rosa Falten (Charlottenburg),
Silber Zwiebeln (Pankow) unter der Leitung von Dietmar von der Forst⠀⠀

Project period:

April – July 2023

Funded by: