Dancers without Borders developed performative formats for public spaces with young people from the video group of the secondary school “Am Baumschulenweg” in Genthin towards the end of the school year 2020/21. 
The aim was to enter into a conversation with the city and its inhabitants. Interviews with the audience and the performative actions themselves were documented on film.

The themes of the actions were chosen by the young people themselves. Whether it was the lack of meeting places in Genthin, climate protection, love, boredom, school, mobility, participation in public life – everything that moved them and for which they wanted a public forum was possible.

The project concluded with a festival of lights in the city centre of Genthin. Empty shops were equipped with beamers and loudspeakers  and the films created with the participants were projected onto the walls of the buildings.


3 to 5 September 2021


Bärbel Jahn, Kurt König, Anja Schäplitz, Annette Witt