Since we spoke / We made a promise / Since we spoke / We were silent / Since we spoke / We would be /
Since we spoke / We did not speak /Since we spoke / Could we be / Since we spoke / We were / Since we spoke

SINCE WE SPOKE is an abstraction of the story of a woman who teaches people to speak. Words become danced images, without any spoken text, and form the labyrinth of their lives – and perhaps all of our lives – as pictorial growth and decay, as partly touching and heart-warming, partly absurd tragicomically journey of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. The piece is also a performed and danced acknowledgement that all human beings are born through language and cease to exist without it – yet have to abandon and
overcome our conceptual mind to become fully human.
Since we spoke, we became who we are.

The original work was part of the opening ceremony of POLYRAMA – Museum of life stories in Berlin and is based on a true story. It was developed based on the life story of Anusch, a woman who became one of the protagonists of the museum of life stories in Berlin due to her moved past. Anusch decided to became a speech therapist, after several disastrous experiences in her life about which for many years she could not speak nor did have a person to speak to about. Just after becoming a speech therapist and by teaching others how to speak, she found a way into a positive outlook on life

A video can be found on Florian Hoffmeier’s website:

Artistic Director:

Florian Hoffmeier 


Lotta Sandborgh


Vladimir Miller

Special Guest:

Klara P.