A roaring, humorous, poetic, connecting, joyful, furious celebration.

A participatory dance project with a hundred people from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg and Poland.

Participants are the residents of the “Abendsonne” retirement home in Penkun, Penkun primary school, “Pusteblume” kindergarten in Penkun, Schwennenz countrywomen’s group, Krackow senior citizens’ sports group, Teatr Tańca EGO VU Gryfino, Gmina Kołbaskowo, Wallmow free school, Krackow anglers’ club, Penkun hunting horn blowers, Brüssow German-Polish choir, Krackow vintage car club and many more.

“Das Fest- Tanz auf dem Plateau” will be a dance-theatre performance where all people can find a place at our festive table. The table as a place of encounter and exchange will at the same time become a stage and an occasion for enjoyment. It forms the basic framework of the play around which the dance theatre takes place. The scenes and stories are developed and rehearsed by the participants together with the artistic team.

Website: https://www.fest-randowplateau.de

Artistic direction, choreography:

Be van Vark

Dance, choreography:

Anja Schäplitz

Costume, stage design:

Bärbel Jahn

Project period:

August 2022 – June 2023


Sunday, 4 June 2023, 5 pm, Parkkapelle Battinsthal

Funded by: