A participatory art project. Young people from Berlin-Moabit take possession of their neighbourhood’s urban space with art, music and audio contributions.
With the audiowalk, created by the pupils, we want to enable the young people to explore places in the neighbourhood, whether to show their beauty or their ugliness.
Music and sound fragments give the participants the opportunity to enter into dialogue to present their deep connection with the neighbourhood and to present their work to the public.
With their own compositions, they can influence places in order to enliven them as spaces of community and communication and transform them artistically. A connective youth music culture is to be created from existing and complementary activities.
From June 2023 on, the results will be heard and seen in Berlin – Moabit for 3 months.

Project initiator:

Bärbel Jahn

Musical direction:

Kurt König

Contributing musicians:

Marian Ton

Marco Ponce Kaergel

Thomas Tichai

Project period:

From June 2023 on, the results will be seen and heard in Moabit for 3 months.

Funded by: